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Family of Mark and Delilah Kau, with Luke Paina (Whitcomb’s interpreter) on the left - group photo from first Umboi-ropen  expedition of 2004, N.E. of the mainland of Papua New Guinea
Villagers of Gomlongon and Opai, on Umboi Island, have asked for Western help for a needed well, so they can have easier access to water. It’s a hard walk uphill with full water containers on your head.
Gomlongon Village is near Mount Bel where the ropen light is often seen. But don’t try hiking up this mountain before getting permission from the tribal leader who claims he owns the land: He reported that he had planted “man traps” on the mountain. (Yet the original reason for the traps was to thwart local thieves who stole a large battery from the radio tower.) From the fourth edition of Searching for Ropens and Finding God (nonfiction book by Whitcomb): “I was surprised when Mark led us through Gomlongon without stopping. He lives just west of the village, and his family had set aside, for Luke and me, the better of their two houses. Mark and his wife, Delilah, would sleep in their smaller kitchen-house for the two weeks we would be there. What hospitality!”
Mount Bel, where the glowing ropen sometimes appears to fly to or from a reef or another mountain. Two ropen expeditions took place in 2004, the first one led by Jonathan Whitcomb, with his interpreter, Luke. The second ropen expedition of 2004, led by Woetzel and Guessman, soon followed.
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