The first two editions of this non-fiction book by Jonathan Whitcomb were titled Searching for Ropens. The third edition, to be published in 2011, will be titled “Searching for Dragons.” The press release “Unmasking a Flying Predator in Texas,” suggests the mysterious flying lights sometimes seen around Marfa, Texas, may be related to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. From a press release by EWorldWire (Aug 14, 2006): “A study by a forensic videographer suggests that the ‘pterodactyl’ described by the World War II veteran Duane Hodgkinson is a real creature that lives in coastal areas of Papua New Guinea. Jonathan Whitcomb,   of Long Beach, analyzed a videotaped testimony of Hodgkinson in 2005 and maintains that the veteran saw, near Finschhafen, New Guinea, in 1944, what natives of nearby Umboi Island call a ropen.”   “Whitcomb explored Umboi Island in 2004, and, after failing to find a ropen, videotaped native eyewitnesses.” Searching for Ropens - Press Releases “Ropen” is only one native name, in one language (Kovai) in Papua New Guinea Other News Releases on Ropens:  “. . . a large flying creature reported by an American soldier   in 1944 is the same species of long-tailed featherless creature known as ropen.” “. . . fourteen seconds of a video taken in Papua New Guinea   are of two bioluminescent pterosaurs.” More News Releases on Living Pterosaurs:  “Leathery-skinned creatures with pointed head crests fly over   the interior of an island in Papua New Guinea"  “A Psychologist Saw a Living Pterosaur . . .”