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From readers of the first edition
“I read the book cover to cover in the first 48 hours after I  received it (it was hard to put down). The author does a great  job of laying out  the  known facts about the Ropen.  “I was equally fascinated with his personal account of  summoning up the courage to go on the trip in the first  place. The book was as much . . . about finding the courage  within you to do something extraordinary as it was about a  possible cryptozoological event.” (Alex Aguila, Florida)
Paperback 6x9 inches 353 pages $17.50 SRP Pub: Apr 18, 2014 ISBN: 1484911393 EAN13: 9781484911396 cross genre: true-life adventure human interest cryptozoology spiritual
Copyright 2007-2014 Jonathan David Whitcomb
“I bought this book some time ago expecting nothing but the  typical, boring cryptozoology book. However, what I found  was that it con- tains a wealth of INTERESTING information on a cryptid that until now, I had known rela- tively little about. Mr. Whitcomb's way of storytelling was captivating to say the least. His scientific procedures also impressed me. Normally, when Creationists study crypto- zoology, there are  very little facts presented: mostly just a bunch of reports of  ‘sightings’ without going too much into detail. “In this book, you will be presented not only with an  entertaining ‘search for a lost animal’ story, but you will also come across very specific details... all the way down to the exact silhouette of the creature, its diet, size, etc. . . . “All in all, a very satisfying, captivating read on a little known animal. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author!” (J. Navarro, May 23, 2011)
“I sat up till nearly 4 a.m. reading your book. . . . personally  I think you have done a brilliant job of it. Its full of humor  and spirituality. Every page was interesting! Your honesty in the book really shone through and it was just such good reading. Loved it!”    (Penny, Australia) “Thanks for your valuable book, that’s not only informative (very intelligently written), but very interesting to read.” (Gizella Szegeczky, California).
“Be prepared to have your eyes opened to the mysteries yet  to be discovered in God's awesome creation. This book is packed full of sightings and details of the amazing and intriguing animal known as Ropen that is found in Papua New Guinea. . . .  “I would give this book 10 stars if I could! This book should be in every library!!” (Shalee Britton) “I can hardly put this book down. It is quite astonishing to read of creatures so large that they can lift a human up into the air or rob a corpse from a new grave. They even glow at night with bioluminescence. “It is understandable how eyewitness are sometimes reluctant to tell their stories be- cause of ridicule they experience - fueled by Western evolutionary superstition. How sad we in the west are so blinded by wrong assump- tions fed to us by the 'scientific' mainstream. “This book is so refreshing. Jonathan Whitcomb is to be congratulated for giving us a glimpse of our world denied us  by the wildlife 'experts' from western countries.” (S. Lee)
From readers of the second edition
Brief explanation of the third edition of the book
This retitled edition is greatly expanded, with a new chapter, “Pterosaurs in the USA,” that is a hundred pages long. In addition, sightings from various areas of the planet are included. Other material has been removed. The new title, Searching for Ropens and Finding God, makes it clear that religion clears the path of our investigation, yet this third edition is more of a call for tolerance for religion. The first and second editions included lengthy reasoning for belief in the Bible and disbelief in the General Theory of Evolution. This expanded edition is less preachy, more of a call for mutual respect, defending the investigative procedures of  my associates more than defending many details about our religious beliefs.
Consider this from the Introduction: “Yet this is not mainly about religion, not in the usual sense. It’s less likely to take you to church than into the lives of ordinary persons who have encountered extraordinary flying creatures, and into the lives of Christians who have risked their health, even their lives, in searching for living pterosaurs. Our disbelief in the General Theory of Evolution has freed us to search far and near, and for years, with a firm belief that God’s purposes will prevail.” With that said, readers will find this book promotes giving credit to God for the life we have in this wonderful world.
Searching for Ropens and Finding God