Searching for Ropens

Penny, Australia:


“I sat up till nearly 4 a.m. reading your book.. . .


“Personally I think you have done a brilliant job of it. It’s full of humor and spir-ituality. Every page was interesting!


“Your honesty in the book really shone through and it was just such good reading. Loved it!”



K. Kersten, March 2007:


“This short book is an easy read and details the trip and research of Whitcomb—a creationist—into the elusive Ropens (ptero-dactyls) of Papua New Guinea. It is a real life dragon tale; I found the story very intriguing, inspiring and thought-provoking.


“As a creationist, finding a living dinosaur is an awe-inspiring possibility . . .


“Don't be surprised are if you find yourself thinking a little more adventurously after reading the book . . .


. . . “Ultimately where we came from is based on faith; either faith in God or Evolution. Evo-lutionists will likely not enjoy this book as they will be troubled by Whitcomb's creationist-world-view.”



James Newton, London:


“Mr Whitcomb’s book is well written and well researched to

the best of my knowledge. Readers may be disappointed in his lack of apparent accom-plishment in discovering ropens, but he self-funded his expedition and as a man with family com-mitments was only able to spend limited  time  in  [Papua]  New Guinea. I applaud his commit-ment to achieve as much as he has for  an ordinary  man of modest resources—if only more people had his passion and zeal to accomplish dreams.”



Alex Aguila, Florida:


“I read the book cover to cover in the first 48 hours after I re-ceived it  (it was hard to put down). The author does a great job of laying out the known facts about the ropen.


“I was equally fascinated with his personal account of summoning up the courage to go on the trip in the first place. The book was as much . . about finding the courage within you to do something extraordin-ary as it was about a possible cryptozoological event.


“I might see some readers being put off by the author's personal beliefs (not me at all) but I feel it was appropriate in discovering the author's motivation for the quest. Great read that I recom-mend to anyone interested in cryptozoology.”



Thomas Buckmaster, Mauston, Wisconsin:


Searching For Ropens is a wonderful investigation of the possibility of finding a living pterosaur within Papua New Guinea. Jonathan Whitcomb is a talented writer and videographer that brings eyewitness testi-monies to the comfort of our homes. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the investigation of this giant 'pterodactyl' that eludes science.”




L. O'Donnell, Oregon:


Searching for Ropens is a well researched book. Not all crypto-zoology books are written by people who have actually done so much first-hand research. I hope that in the years to come Mr. Whitcomb's book will be known  as  a  cryptozoology classic. What is so exciting about this book is that it is not fiction! It is about the truth that skeptics do not wish to know! I am looking forward to Mr. Whitcomb's future books.”



Book review comments from readers of

the first edition of the living-pterosaur book

Diane C. Donovan

California Bookwatch

 (Midwest Book Review)  October 2006:


“In 1994, seven boys saw the giant ropen flying over a crater take; in 2004, an American forensic video-grapher interviewed them and gained more details of a creature with a wingspan longer than a village hut.

Could a living pterosaur elude scientists and discovery for decades?


“A legal videographer examines the possibilities, sightings, and realities in SEARCHNG FOR ROPENS: LIVING PTERO-SAURS IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA.”


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author  explains  why  he

wrote Searching for Ropens.


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Author, Jonathan Whitcomb