Searching for Ropens

Table of Contents

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This is the first book written about these expeditions

in Papua New Guinea: Creationist searches for

giant living Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs.

Be aware that this book contradicts

the General Theory of Evolution.

Acknowledgements, Foreward, Introduction, Introduction to the second edition, dedication, Chapter one, awakenings, chapter two, eyewitnesses on video, chapter three, World War Two sighting, chapter four, Australian sighting, chapter five, deciding to go, chapter six, going alone, chapter seven, to Umboi Island, and so onchapter nine, two nights on a hill top, chapter ten, eyewitnesses in Opai, chapter eleven, village court, chapter twelve, terrified boys, and so on, chapter seventeen, confirmations, appendix, living pterosaurs in the Bible, belief in pterosaur extinction, the general theory of evolution

Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea


Second Edition

the general theory of evolution continued, on the origin of pieces of the puzzles, the descent of man's reasoning ability, Rhamphorhynchoid tail anatomy, the evolutionary boundary, creation science philosophy, perspectives on origins, the best case against us, what is cryptozoology, what is a ropen, closing observationscover of the book searching for ropenscomposite sketch of the ropen