How are ropen lights and Marfa Lights related? The closest resemblance is obvious: strange flying lights that are much too bright to be fireflies. But the strangest relationship can strike some Americans as incredible, for in both parts of the world eyewitnesses see large or giant flying creatures that are described like pterosaurs or called by the eyewitnesses “pterodactyl.” According to the late-2010 press release “Unmasking a Flying Predator in Texas,” a group of “bioluminescent flying predators may be hunting at night and catching a few unlucky Big Brown Bats.” According to some of the eyewitnesses of apparent living pterosaurs in the United States, some of the large flying creatures fly where at least some bats are seen to fly at night. Why not assume the reported “pterodactyls” are just misidentifications of bats? The other flying creatures are too big, sometimes much too big, and when they are seen clearly, they sometimes are seen to have long tails and head crests. Has anyone actually seen a Marfa Light that was close enough to see that it was a living pterosaur? As of late 2011, perhaps not; if they have, they have kept it a secret, for who wants to be called “crazy?” But eyewitnesses who have been brave enough to report a living pterosaur themselves live in various states of the U.S.A., including various parts of Texas and in New Mexico. Many of these sightings resemble those in  Papua New Guinea: feather-less flying creatures with head crests and long tails, and when long tails are seen, the end of the tail is often seen to have a structure suggesting the tail of a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur. Reports of apparent living pterosaurs also come from Mexico and the Cuba. In fact, one sighting was of two   glowing flying pterodactyls seen by two women from a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  Although there is only indirect evidence, by late 2011, that the mysterious flying lights of Marfa, Texas, (those that are classified as “CE-III” by the scientist James Bunnell) are caused by bioluminescent pterosaurs, that  possibility is so extraordinary that it deserves a thorough scientific investigation. What a discovery it would be if those flying lights were found to be actual pterosaurs! Marfa Lights and Ropens On Umboi Island, in Papua New Guinea, the giant flying creature is called “Ropen” Marfa Lights Viewing Platform in southwest Texas