How does a babysitter differ from a professional home child care provider?

A babysitter, by one common definition, arrives at the home of the child to care for
him or her for a relatively short time. This
is often a very few hours in the evening.

A home child care provider receives a
child into her home to give care. This may
be many hours and is usually during the
day (when it is called "child daycare"). A
home daycare provider may give part-
time care but much of the care is full-time.

At the Whitcomb Family Daycare, you'll
have the choice: parttime or fulltime. In
addition, a wide range of hours make
this family home child care attractive to
parents (6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., unless
other arrangements are made).

Babysitting, in contrast to child care

Few daycare homes have a picket fence like the Whitcomb's.
This gives added safety during children pickups and dropoffs.
"You are an amazing family and have provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children and for that we
are most grateful." (Kristy & Clark of Long Beach, California
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